All in one. At Wiethe Kommunikativ, you will find everything you need for a good editorial shopping magazine: conceptual design, editorial content, text, photos and films, design, structure, proof-reading and translation, ads marketing and, of course, the printing and distribution of your new magazine.



Briefing, Brainstorming, Scribbles

In the productive creative period, our professional team of graphic designers and editors creates preliminary drafts and strategies for your customer magazine. The team immerses itself in your brand world and target group, and comes up with a tailor-made concept based on your wishes. The first step towards the finished magazine has been taken.

Creation & Design

Look & Feel

One the magazine concept has been devised, our graphics and art direction develop the layouts in line with your CI. Always taking into account the latest tendencies and trends in design. Thus individual and modern editorial shopping magazines or customer magazine are created that perfectly reflect the image and brand world.


Ideas & Copywriting

Most customer magazines are pure sales catalogues featuring a series of products. In contrast, Wiethe editorial staff attach great importance to a balanced mix of editorial content such as interviews, reports, columns or fashion features as well as the presentation of new products and exclusive tips, providing customers with added value. We like to recruit stars and starlets for individual parts, giving the magazine that extra glamour factor.

Final editing & proof-reading

The devil is in the detail

Does the magazine have a smooth, consistent look? Where do the finishing touches need to be made? Our proof-reading services include more than just checking for spelling mistakes - correcting typos is merely the foundation. Added to this is a view to contextual accuracy, style, consistency and correctness. This way, logical connections are checked and, if in doubt, researched. In the case of magalogs, our services include checking to ensure that the item numbers match the customer’s item lists.

Ads marketing

Attractiveness for advertising customers

Widely distributed customer magazines are also an interesting environment for advertising customers. Thanks to its in-house ads marketing, Wiethe Kommunikativ has the opportunity to successfully market publications and refinance most of the costs through advertisements. We attach particular importance to making sure advertisements suit the publication, offering readers an exciting mix of editing and advertising.

Photography & Film

Still, Mood & Image

The sale of an online product depends to a great extent on how the associated photo is designed. This is where we come in. Our film and photographic studio is not only specialised in image processing, photographing laydowns, mood and image photos, but also in booking models, styling and fashion spots. Using QR codes, spots can be linked to the magazine, creating an exciting cross-media bridge between print and digital products.

Image processing

Quality and quantity

Every day, we passionately go about creating more than 5,000 professional – digital and printed – photos. Digital styling comprises shadows, reflections colour corrections or recolouring parts of images, and involves not only pixel-precise image processing, but also composing, photomontage, 3D display and videos, as well as all the usual basics and beauty retouching.


Final Check

Now it’s a matter of the technical realisation: the layouts are checked once again. The colour profile, specially predefined for the paper, is adjusted for all of the design elements; also the contract proofs are meticulously rechecked; any colour retouching required is carried out - nothing is left to chance. The workflow for further processing in the printing plant is coordinated directly with them.


Ready for press

Production & printing: with over 20 years’ experience in sheet-fed and web offset printing, our production team at Wiethe Kommunikativ has long-standing relationships with printing plants in Germany and abroad. Our mission is for every project – from flyer to magazine – to be cared for individually and coordinated by experts. This way, we are able to achieve perfect results quickly and efficiently together with our customers. We love a challenge, and do our utomost to ensure that all of our customer specifications are realised perfectly.

Further processing

Next Steps

After the printing process, the individual printed sheets are processed into the finished product. How exactly does this happen? Here we offer our customers a wide range of alternatives: saddle stitching using staples or eyelets, different types of adhesive binding, Wire-O binding for calendars, as well as various types of folding and refinement. We provide the best advice possible to the customer in the decision-making process, ensuring an optimal, tailor-made solution is found for the respective products. The crucial thing is that a top-quality result is ultimately achieved.


100% target group reach

The magazine can be distributed by displaying it in retail stores, the hairdressers, the doctor’s and the gym, or at spas and beauty studios where readers can find and try on the suggested outfits. For customers whose online shop we also manage, it is also possible to include an insert in the package. A magazine is enclosed with every purchase in the shop - ensuring 100% target group reach.

Online magazine

Cross-media realisation

If desired, we provide 360-degree care for our customers in all areas of communication. Would you like a print magazine? No problem. Would you like to have a digital customer magazine for readers’ iPads/computers or as an app? We’re also the right ones to contact in this case, and will be happy to additionally implement your customer magazine online according to your wishes and ideas.



Do you wish to issue a magazine or require professional 360-degree care in all areas of communication? We offer you an all-in-one price policy, creating specifically optimised comprehensive packages for a fixed price – tailored to your needs and wishes. No special direct costs per issue, fixed unit prices per magazine. Our Wiethe creative team will be happy to advise you, and is there to serve you at all times.