Corporate publishing

“Magazine” is a market that isn’t new, but that is growing strongly. Although there is undoubtedly a trend towards online shopping, many online purchases are inspired by print magazines, too. Wiethe cares for customers cross-medially, and professionally realises both digital and print magazines in the business partner’s CI. With an excellent team of journalists and ad reps, as well as other creative individuals such as graphic designers, art directors, stylists, model bookers, photographers and filmmakers, we offer the ideal solution for your customer magazine.


You may have gold to give away, but if nobody is aware of this, you’ll never be able to dispose of it. Luckily, professional partners are at hand to give you comprehensive support: us. Do you have premium products up your sleeve? Great! Advertising them effectively and efficiently is exactly our thing.

In the strategic marketing of dowels, design or services we make use of all means that traditional and modern communication have to offer - culminating in solutions that amaze.

Put simply, this means: from target group-appropriate direct mailing and representative trade fair displays to bespoke guerrilla marketing - when it comes to advertising and communication, you are in good hands with us.


As a professional full-service agency, our colourful range of services also features the traditional print segment. Besides a multitude of proven design proposals, our work is also characterised by tremendous creativity and individual layout design.

We know the impact of colours and colour combinations, and play on this knowledge several times a day. At your request, we will design clear, modern layouts, playful romanticism or cool designs with an emphatically lucid statement. What all concepts have in common is the clarity of their respective advertising message.

Packaging design

We have already been successfully proving how much potential lies in the design of packaging for over 15 years. Not only do bags, boxes, cardboard boxes, cartons & Co. protect their content, they also offer lots of scope for ideas and the perfect space for creating potential advertising messages. We both appreciate and exploit this. The results are truly impressive!

Considering the multitude of products offered, packaging designed in an attractive shape and colour can make it easier for the consumer to choose the right product. Which products belong together and how can they be combined? Furnished with a suitable corporate design, end customers know at a glance which company is behind them.

Creating packaging has been one of our core business areas for many years. We specialise in developing modern packaging concepts, creating the necessary clarity even before the box, bag, or whatever is opened.

Exhibition design

Another challenge we rise to is the area of exhibition design. We appreciate the importance of a trade fair stand’s appearance. As a point of contact for customers, it must inspire confidence and at the same time radiate the necessary corporate competence. What is also important is that you stand out visually from your competitors, earning credit in advance with technology-based performance:

A sophisticated, modular construction allows the stand to be erected and dismantled quickly, enabling you to react rapidly and flexibly to changing requirements. In close collaboration with the client, we create modern and representative trade fair stands that can be deployed flexibly, whilst reflecting the company’s philosophy.

Ideally, function and design will go hand in hand.


Merchandising has long been used to promote sales. Today’s merchandising and promotional items attract a high degree of attention, with the added advantage that they can be designed individually.

Make your presence felt, and choose a product from a wide range of possibilities offering your customer long-term benefits: in addition to the inevitable ballpoint pen, on request we will also place your company’s signet on folding rules, caps, mugs, notepads, mouse pads, paperweights or any other high-quality office utensils (including brand-name products!).

Top-quality giveaways enhance customer loyalty to the respective company. Once your valued gift has become integrated in the customer’s everyday life, you will remain in his mind in a charming manner, increasing your chances of renewed contact.


The aim of professional marketing is to promote awareness of a company and the products it has on the market. It offers customers welcome decision-making support. Regardless of whether toy blocks or services are involved - a successful marketing concept lays the foundations for the company’s success.

We will support you in all aspects associated with this subject and develop individual and bespoke marketing ideas for your company. When it comes to start-ups or restructurings, we will work side by side with you to design concepts for your corporate branding or corporate design. We create company presentations, we guide and develop campaigns and strategies, and we take care of your orientation and positioning in the market as well as brand consultancy and management, constantly following the latest trends.

Direct mailing

When was the last time you received a postcard? Exactly! It must have been years ago.
After all, nowadays we receive text messages, e-mails or phone calls from the beach via Skype. And this is exactly what makes traditional mailing by post so attractive again, because we don’t have hundreds of rival messages in our letter boxes. Every trend engenders a counter-trend – the print media are not dead, it’s just that they have to be used wisely.

So if you want to make use of postage stamps again, we’re the right agency for you.

Promotion / POS

Advertise for your product wherever it can be purchased. Informative stand-up displays at the point of sale attract customers’ attention, and they’ll soon want to discover more about the products on show there. With a fitting concept and the right ideas, spontaneous purchases are inevitable.

Make use of this technique to advertise a competition or a new CD! Promotional activities at the point of sale generate a direct increase in sales - we can vouch for this, as can relevant thematic studies. Be inspired by us - with effective ideas and a customised recipe for success.